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Micro Boot Camp #5
Micro Boot Camp #5

Micro Boot Camp #5

Start Date:
Feb 28, 2021 3:30 AM
End Date:
Mar 6, 2021 3:30 PM
Online Group
Product Description

*To people who want to start working on themselves but don’t start..

*To people who start things but don’t complete..

*To people who doubt themselves..

*To people who lack clarity and direction of their goals and purpose..

*To people who say they don’t have time or say they are busy...

Join the Micro Boot Camp | 6 Day Camp to Take Charge of Your Life

Step by Step and Week by Week

Join One | Join Many Camps

Online Via WhatsApp or Telegram

Time: 5 min to 30 min in a day

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Ages: 21+ years

One Task To-Do | One Task To Post Everyday | Monday to Saturday | Post Done or Not Done Message | Else Get Booted-Out | No Frills | No Excuses | No Refunds 

New Task To Work on Yourself at Every Camp

Don't Settle For Any Excuses From Your Body | Don't Settle For ZERO!

If your eager to create massive changes within yourself then it’s our pleasure to guide you through this process.

Take Charge of Your Life and Take That First Step | ENROLL NOW!


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